This week is a little bit unusual for me because my mum has been in hospital and needed some help so I’ve headed down South to look after her. I’m so lucky that I have flexible clients and a great support network that means I can do this although it’s involved some preparation and carting half my office down the M1 with me!

I arrived late last night and basically went straight to bed but I woke up early and went fir a brisk walk- I was aiming for 5km but it ended up a 6.5km route after I got a tiny bit lost (you can blame my mum’s awful directions) then headed straight to the hospital.

I’ve been sat here now since just after 9am, I’ve chatted to my mum and helped when she’s needed it; and laughed at her when she’s not. I’ve kept one ear on daytime TV and I actually stopped for lunch in the restaurant (and I never stop for lunch) and other than that I’ve done nothing but work- answering emails and drafting documents, sending out letters and so on.

Oddly though I’ve found that ideas are flooding into my brain today, so fast I can’t quite keep up. And do you know why I think that is? I genuinely think it’s because it’s so peaceful here, there is bustle and nurses coming in and out, there is chatter and noise but it’s not work related and it means that the larger part of my brain can just focus and deal with some of the client challenges I’ve been working on lately.

It’s not the same as working from home as the daily chores can distract me. It’s being somewhere where you have no a lot else to do, where working is honestly the better and more fun option.

I love it, I can’t recommend it enough- I wouldn’t have chosen to do it like this of course but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend time out like this to anyone. Get your brain working full tilt again!