I came home from a client the other day to be presented with a lovely card from my children that said ‘Happy Business Birthday’ – to be honest I had forgotten although LinkedIn also reminded me that it had been three years, a day later- so it was a lovely surprise. It was, however, a day when I felt like my head was full of bumble bees because my list was longer than I could handle, I hadn’t finished off what I’d wanted to that day and generally felt pretty overwhelmed.

I cracked on that night, worked late and got myself to a better place, but…

It made me reflect on everything I have learned over the last 3 years, how much I enjoy helping my clients find more time by outsourcing the things they either don’t enjoy doing or don’t have time to do themselves. As a real people pleaser that’s what floats my boat! It also made me think that occasionally I don’t follow my own advice and I let things get out of hand. It’s not every day or every week but every now and then and for someone who does what I do, that’s not a great way to be!

That’s why I thought I’d give you a quick rundown on my favourite tips for organisation and keeping on top of things (and perhaps help me follow my own advice!!).

my favourite