I was writing some notes and lists up for 2018 (yes it’s almost here) and texting one of my best friends; I offhandedly said that that nothing in 2018 would change, it was all more of the same.

In reply she said an interesting thing: “I guess if nothing is going to change, we have to change how we react to it”

That actually made me stop and feel guilty. I was focusing on the negative and getting caught up in all the issues ahead of me instead of thinking of solutions. Basically, she’s right- if things cannot be fundamentally changed we can change how we react, we can change how we deal and 23 can change how we cope and that changes the outcome because it changes how we feel.

It was a good reminder – being negative can be tiring, being nothing but accepting is worse. I’m screwing up my notes and my lists and I’m starting again. I’m going to change the way I’m reacting to the thought of 2018… and that’s a start.