I saw a meme the other day that asked that exact question, it made me think about my clients and how different they all are.

Taking on a new client is about understand what success means to them so that I can spend my time working to help them achieve it. That may just be freeing up their time to allow them to focus on activities that make them money; it may mean helping them streamline their processes to increase their earning potential; it may mean helping them with their marketing which directly results in sales.

The simple fact is that success is different to everyone. For me personally I am not motivated by money, it’s flipping useful to pay bills and things but it’s not my only driving factor. I am motivated by far more personal reasons, they’re not all important right now but one of them is my deeply held need for order. I love things to be organised and neat and most of all I love feeling on top of things.

I guess that’s why I do what I do, helping other people feel like that is what I hope helps towards them achieving their is success. And I like being a part of that.