Proactive, Reactive & Exclusive

A limited membership group for clients who receive the premium Spinning Plates service…

The Spinning Plates Concierge Club is a life support system for your domestic and business lives. You will have your own, dedicated personal assistant without the tie-in of a full time employee. This customer service centered offer ensures that you have reactive help as and when you need it with immediate turnaround on urgent & priority tasks but in addition you will have a business support assistant who is proactively invested in your business success.

Service include but are not limited to:

  • Completion of a weekly to do list for those important tasks
  • A reactive, anytime service for picking up urgent jobs
  • A reminder service for events, appointments and occasions with proactive planning suggestions
  • Business advice and support if and when you need it

Included in your monthly fee you will receive:

  • One of a limited number of spaces in the club and a unique membership number as one of only 7 Concierge Club clients
  • A dedicated phone number just for you to call as and when needed
  • A weekly check in (at a minimum) to keep things on track
  • Your own personal assistant to help you balance life, work and home

The cost for this service is £497 per month.