Get ‘stuff’ done…

Do you want to know how to use MailChimp? Do you want to know how to Mail Merge in Excel to create labels or personalised letters? Do you want to know how to schedule on your social media accounts days in advance?

If there is something you want to know about then Spinning Plates can help you. We offer a totally bespoke training package which means that you can have 1-2-1 tuition on all those tasks you always wanted to know about. it’s a sure fire way to help you ‘get stuff done’.

We can offer 1-2-1 training at a cost of £25 per hour (you can book as many hours as you need) or, if there are a group of you we can run the training for just £15 per hour (minimum of 3 people).

All that I need to get started is a list of the things you need help with and you will get some dedicated time to learn how to do them, the opportunity to follow up with me as and when needed and some cheat sheets to keep that will remind you of the basics.