Business Services

The services…

Some suggested tasks are listed, but are not limited to, the below. I want to help you with whatever you need so just talk to me about what you want and I’ll see what I can do to help. If it’s something new for me I’m happy to learn how to do it so you get the best service possible.

My business support is two-fold: Firstly concentrating on the physical tasks you need doing, allowing you to focus on what you love doing. Secondly,  I can offer business advice and support- from helping you make decisions, to advising on the best way to create marketing materials.

It really is up to you what you need and how I can help you and if you’re not sure then don’t worry, we can sit down and talk for an hour to assess your needs and the best way for me to work with you. As a guide my time is charged at £25 per hour in 15 minute increments so you only pay for what you need this is great if  you have smaller projects or changing needs each week/month. For larger, one off projects such as the creation of a database or for a regular monthly retainer we can talk about a fixed fee.


I can carry out that time consuming research for you, finding the cheapest price for office supplies or dong background research for a report or presentation. Often this preparation is the most time consuming part so let me help you speed through it.

Administration & organisation

Often keeping the office neat and tidy is your last priority- either literally or figuratively. I can help sort your filing, archive your old files and move them to storage, tidy up and sort out your cupboards and generally ensure that your office is a productive and neat space in which you can work.

Packing & posting orders

With the digital age so much business is no done online which mean the client base is national if not global. This often means there are orders to be packed and sent out every day, let me do that for you so you don’t spend all your time in the queue at the post office!

Social media updates

People are frequently intimidated by social media and the time that they perceive they have to put into it. I can help you do simple updates and ensure you are on top of responding to your clients- through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Franchise and business expansion support

If you are looking to expand your business there are some simple tasks that need to be looked at and I can help you with all of these- creating the brand guidelines, writing a franchise pack, helping you work through the financials of taking on more staff, creating the standard operating procedures. We can talk through what you want to do and how I can help.


My 8 years of experience in marketing means that I know all the tips and tricks for hooking customers into your marketing materials and in addition to that I have a great eye for design and language. I can help you create materials from scratch or review existing kit with a view to making improvements. Please note that I am not a graphic designer but can help you create DIY materials or work with your creative team to get the best result.

Newsletters & Mail chimp

Keeping your customers up to date- and interested- in your business is key and a great way to reach them is through a monthly communication. I can create both printed newsletters and Mail chimp templates (as well as managing your Mail chimp account) to help you reach people in the most effective way.

Chase suppliers/payments

It is a simple fact of business that sometimes we don’t get paid, chasing this money an often be time consuming. The same can be said of chasing suppliers and ensuring they stick to lead times. Don’t let these tasks worry you, let me take the hassle and do this for you.

Organise events

If you’ve got a launch party or seminar to run then I can step in to take over the administrative tasks that go with this- organising the venue, catering, giveaway materials and I can even be there at the event to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Typing up documents

I can touch type and have a typing speed of 68 so I am quick and efficient at typing up those lengthy documents or presentations. I can also help you get the information out of your head by typing out information in real time as you dictate it to me- great for creating eBooks or blog posts!

Document Creation- reports, presentations, brochures and much more

If you need to have a formal report created or a brochure written I can pull together all of the content, including images, and make sure that it reads correctly. If research needs doing to find the content then I’m happy to do that too.

Database creation and management

I have qualifications in advanced Excel and simple Access database creation, I can work with complex formulas and create ‘intelligent’ spreadsheets. By the same token I can create very simple databases that store all the information you need and will even enter all of the data for you.