Domestic Services

The services…

My key aim is to ensure that you get balance in your life and find the time you need to get everything done. If that means you need support with domestic tasks such as sending flowers for friends’ birthdays, writing Christmas cards or picking up the dry cleaning then let me help you. I really don’t mind what you ask me to do- as long as it will help you- and I will fulfill these needs with the same passion and attention to detail that I would apply to your business.

For domestic services the costs are obviously different:

  • The smaller, every day and one off errands are charged at a flat fee of £5 plus mileage.
  • The time sensitive tasks (such as waiting for deliveries) are charged at £5 per hour.
  • Reminder Services are £10 for the year for up to 10 ‘occasions’ with a reminder text 1 week and then 48 hours before the event.
  • Some tasks such as eBay listings are charged as a percentage of sales but we can discuss all of that when we talk through what you need.

Whatever you need, just let me know and we can talk about the best way to cost it. It might be that you are using me for a combination of both business and domestic support in which case we would look at a retainer fee. Essentially, don’t be afraid to ask; the initial conversation is free and I want to find the best solution for you.

This list is only indicative and there are so many more things I can do for you so just call or email me today.

Waiting in for deliveries/service providers

It can be so annoying when deliveries give you a 4 hour window for when they ‘might’ be there, don’t waste your precious time sat at home waiting- let me do it for you!

Calendar management & reminders

I can help you manage your calendar and will operate a reminder service for events and occasions where I text you one week before the date and again 48 hours before to ensure you never forget anything!

Filing and sorting

If you home office or personal paperwork are all over the place I can come in and spend a few hours sorting through to make sure you’ve got an effective filing system, I will shred anything that is out of date or no longer needed and you can be ensured of a confidential service.

Running errands

From collecting the dry cleaning to picking up your prescription or paying in a cheque there are plenty of tasks that can only happen at certain times- a time that may not be convenient for you! So let me do these things for you.

EBay/sales listings

We all have that bag of things we mean to sell and never quite get round to, let me help you clear it out by selling it in the best way- through eBay, Gumtree on online Facebook groups. I can even take a table at a nearly new sale if I think that’s the best way to make you some cash.

Gift shopping and/or research

Are you looking for that perfect gift or for a number of smaller presents for your extended family- if so we can talk about who we’re buying for (ages, likes/dislikes and gender) and from there I can help you find those perfect presents.

Christmas cards or invitations

Writing cards at Christmas or thank you notes after a party can be one of those jobs we put off, make sure you get them done straight away with my services, handwritten cards for that personal touch sent out on your behalf.