Brand Boot Camp

Brands are like people- they can be individuals that stand out from the crowd and that everyone remembers, they can be smaller with more niche qualities or they can be part of a group that are very similar. What they should never be is confused.

The elements that make a brand are very simple- they are the building blocks on which your identity and the recognition of the customer is formed. At a basic level these are:9279-colorful-paper-clips-isolated-on-a-white-background-or (2)

  • Imagery style
  • Tone of voice
  • Colour palette
  • Font

All of these can be flexed as appropriate for a brand but all of them are important. In the current marketplace where we communicate our businesses across a multitude of platforms we risk creating a diluted brand identity or – worse- one that can confuse customers.

The Brand Boot Camp is a health check for your brand- I look at every touch point of your brand for the customer- websites, social media, stationary and invoicing, business cards and even telephone messages and ensure that all of that is working towards the same goal… representing your brand in a cohesive and strong light.

The process I follow is simple:

  1. I review the different touch points
  2. I pull together a brand bible that outlines the key deliverables of your brand against each of the four building blocks
  3. I create a report that outlines the differences or discrepancies and the strengths of the brand. More importantly I recommend where changes can be made to bring your brand in line.

The overall process takes about two weeks- depending on how many platforms you operate over.

The total cost for this is just £150.

Card Writing Service

Writing out Christmas Cards (or any other cards for that matter) is one of those tasks that always gets put off. However, it’s a lovely personal touch to be able to send a card to each of your customers to thank them for their custom and loyalty over the last year.

As such I offer a card writing service where I handwrite your cards for you (business or domestic recipients) and get those sent out (please note, address labels will be printed). You can either chose off the shelf cards- which I can source for you- or we can work together to get bespoke cards created for you that really represent your business and the message you want to share.

The cost for this is £25 per 40 cards plus the cost of the cards themselves.

Business Support & Advice

There are times when you’re not sure what step to take next with your business or you find yourself unsure about what decision to make. Sometimes all you need to do is talk through the options with someone but sometimes you need someone to help you make the decision.

I can do this for you, I am experienced in the world of business and as a customer myself I am able to give impartial views from another viewpoint. Depending on what you need I can help, advise and nurture you through- change, expansion and decision making. I am great at keeping you on track and I always make sure I’m honest about anything we discuss.

Call or email today and we can arrange to get together for a coffee and talk through where your business is and where it needs to be.

The cost for this service is a flat fee of £100 which includes 2 x one hour meetings and ongoing online support. Any specific services that you use as a result of this will be charged separately.