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 An introduction…

Spinning Plates is a holistic Virtual PA Service. Whatever you need to complete the puzzle and make things perfect for you, let me help. I can do a range of tasks for either your business or for you personally that will help you find time, do more and keep all of those plates spinning.

I am Danielle Thompson and my background is in business, logistics and more recently marketing/creative.  I have a real obsession with perfectionism and love getting things organised.

If that’s the exact opposite of you or if it’s the person you’d be, if only you had time, then let me help.

For your business I can do all those administrative tasks that take the time and stop you doing what you love or help you by using my skills and experience to do tasks quickly for you. And personally, from helping you set up a personal calendar with reminders and card sending service, to listing those items on eBay I can help ensure your home life runs smoothly.