My Story…

My name is Danielle and I run Spinning Plates PA Services. I have practical management skills, logistical and analytical experience as well as the more creative, marketing side of the business. I am professional, personal, friendly and most of all helpful. Let me help you make the most of your time.

It might also help you to know a little more about me so here’s a brief summary of my career to date:

·       Customer Service Department in Bacardi Martini - teaching me the value of customer relationships

·       Logistics for Bacardi Martini and then for Boots-project management, reporting and database creation, event organisation

·       Freelance as a magazine editor for a UK wide warehouse closure programme- copy, design, content generation, proof reading and production/distribution

·      Creative management - brand building and guardianship. Wide range of marketing streams and mediums including colour, photography, copy and layout

·       Experience in large FMCG companies - I know the way business and marketing work with a practical, down to earth attitude that can help you make decisions and make progress

·       Experience in a number of small, independent businesses - so I’m used to having a role where you do a little bit of everything!