A blog in the hand...

Today we have a blog rolled up in a blog due to an epic fail on my part. Two weeks ago I sat down one evening and wrote a quick few words about work life balance, I logged on to upload it and found that my website had disappeared.

You know that feeling when you get when the bottom of your stomach drops out? That. 

Now obviously I have the complicated set up on my website/domain/hosting and recently I decided to change my email host and (*cough cough*) accidentally renamed my name servers... if that means nothing to you, I wouldn’t worry, I was utterly lost too.

So I’d messed up, an hour on live chat to my hosting company and some resetting was done. A patient 48 hours later and it’s still not there. Arrgghhhh. Another live chat convo, 12 hour wait and hallelujah it’s back! Of course, now my emails not working and that’s another hour of stress before it’s all back to normal!

You know what I learnt from this? It is possible to do everything yourself but it takes time and there’s a reason that subject matter experts exist! I’m stubborn though and I’d probably do the same again although it’s caused a few more grey hairs.

Anyway, here’s the blog you didn’t get to see... 

Honestly, it’s a piece of cake

Tomorrow is my sons 6th birthday, this surprises me as I’m pretty sure I gave birth to him yesterday but I’ve checked and he’s definitely going to be 6.

He didn’t ask for anything, until two days ago and now it’s too late to go and get what he wants so he’ll just have to enjoy the things we thought he wanted: #firstworldproblems.

In the meantime I have a four page list of bits that need tackling, I have a potential new client to call, I have school inform to sort for next week and I have a hen do to organise in 5 days’ time… Am I doing any of that?


I am in fact planning a birthday cake (my son’s in case you thought I’d started a random side business). I love working and I was up doing it at 7.30 this morning (nothing more exciting that early morning GDPR) but 3 and a half years ago when I started the business it was to create more flexibility to be with my children and although the business has grown to the point where I could be working 24/7 and still have loads to do my core values are still the same.

So you’ll forgive me for cutting this short but I have to mould 4 ninja turtle heads from icing and tomorrow I’m for a day at the zoo.

I’ll still get everything done, but for now it can wait whilst I prepare to say happy birthday to my (very nearly) 6 year old!