Curiosity killed the cat...

And I’ll give you ten points if you can finish that saying off...

Everyone uses that saying- even my mother I might add- like a dire warning about being curious. As if wanting to understand something is a bad thing. Okay, so I agree being curious about how hot the stove is; or what a litre of vodka does to you isn’t the best idea but it doesn’t mean all curiosity is bad.

To me there are two types of curiosity.

Number one is the urge to question things- not just take everything at face value and when it comes to working with clients I think that’s really important. Never just nod and smile and walk away, ask why, ask how, ask how long... it’s important to understand requirements and motivations fully so you get things right first time for your clients. 

Number two is your natural urge to learn and develop. Be curious about topics someone else is passionate about and don’t be ashamed to admit you know next to nothing. I recently started reading about the history of mathematics because I met someone who made it sound interesting and it’s not something I’ve ever thought about before! Always be curious about topics, new ideas, different subjects.

See, I don’t think curiosity is a bad thing. And neither, by the way, does that much maligned cat. The other half of that saying, not oft used is: and satisfaction bought it back.

Curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction bought it back...

Satisfy that curiosity and do something great!


whatever it

MindsetDanielle Thompson