Someone you haven't met yet is dreaming of adoring you...

The other day I was looking for a gift for someone, I was laughing at the ridiculous algorithms that gift predictors worked on. However, then I went down the rabbit hole and was reading about how to find the perfect gift for someone using these 11 pointers...

  1. Make of list of their interests and define who they are

  2. Look to their past for inspiration

  3. What does that person need

  4. Do some stalking (not in the creepy way obviously!)

  5. Get creative

  6. Give an experience

  7. Make them laugh

  8. Give the give of learning

  9. Include a bit of yourself

  10. Give a gift that keeps on giving

  11. Be socially conscious

It occurred to me as I was reading them that it was also a bit of a shopping list for your perfect client and in return, providing the perfect service.

To make it easier I can summarise it more succinctly:

Define who your client is

  1. Find out about them, who they are and what they need

  2. Design a service that meets their needs and that adds value

  3. Always consider the ethics of yourself and your client

  4. Make your approach something that stands out

And more importantly, be yourself- that personality, the spark that will attract the perfect client to you and keep them with you.

Get out there and find the perfect gift... sorry, client, and I promise they’ll adore you as much as you adore them.