I'm going through a dry spell...

Over the last two weeks I have written blogs about some complicated legal jargon (that I was simplifying into plain speaking for a client); blogs about irreverent fun topics and pop culture references and web content of a sensible, serious nature. I love writing, it makes me happy and in my spare time I write poetry (yes, for fun) and my own blogs for my website.

However, at the moment the (personal) well hath run dry and I cannot get inspired with a blog topic or a poem… I know that’s funny as I’m currently writing a blog about not being able to find anything to write a blog about but it’s a serious creative issue!

I seem to have no problem for anyone else but for myself the words and the inspiration are simply not coming. I actually think it might be a fear thing, I have been so caught up with client work over the last 6 months to a year that focusing on the business has been impossible in any real way. Now that a major project is coming to an end and I have more time in front of me I have a wish list of things I want to achieve to help move the business forward and, in all honesty, that’s kinda scary.

I have plans, projections, goals (no I’m afraid I don’t have a vision board unless you count my Pinterest collection of next tattoo ideas) but taking that next step to growth can be difficult and I think that’s why I’m feeling a bit of a mental block.

However, I know the block exists so I’m doing something about it – I’ve used my connections to find a great mentor who can hold me accountable for pulling my finger out; I’ve written my plan down so I can’t pretend it doesn’t exist; and I’m writing about not being able to write, admitting my fears and telling you lot so that if I’m still in the same position in 6-months time you may all publicly boo me or thumbs down me like in the gladiator arena or at least message me and lambast my inactivity… I’ll leave that up to you!

TTFN and if anyone is looking for a VA let me know, overwhelming myself with work will force my hand – not the most solid of plans but it’d certainly be sink or swim!