That's a long elevator ride...

I love networking, I love meeting new people and getting to know them. One of the questions I still get asked the most is what a Virtual PA actually does and it still surprises me that so little is known about the virtual support service and what they can offer to you.

When I answer this question I'm not speaking for anyone else or the industry as a whole, I am really only speaking for myself and the reason Spinning Plates was created in the first place which may not be the norm for the industry but it is the reason I get out of bed every morning!!

What I offer and what makes really passionate is helping people - making their lives easier. When I was still working in my corporate career I was working 60 hours a week, feeling stressed and overwhelmed and not having time to get anything done outside of work. I missed birthdays, school trip payments and generally felt like my life was out of control. After I left that role I wanted to start a business that meant that no one else ever felt like that.

It's also where the name of the business comes from - Spinning Plates. I always felt like I was trying to do a balancing act with everything I had on (and failing miserably I might add) so my mantra is that I will help you find time, do more and keep all of those plates spinning.

In terms of what the really means in reality I have such a wide range of clients who need me for different things - I have some for whom I do marketing or sales; some for whom I do a very traditional administrative role; and some for whom I do those little tasks they simply cannot find time to do like booking a carpet cleaner or finding a great print supplier. Every client is totally unique so the service I provide is totally bespoke. That's what I love though, getting to know you as a client and working out exactly how I can help you best.

So that's my little spiel. Bit longer than the average ride in an elevator, maybe the travellator in Asda.