Little Miss Perfect(ing)...

I was had a raging debate with someone about the Mr Men and little Misses- they’re all such exaggerations of human character traits. No one is that happy or that grumpy... but it is Little Miss Perfect that drives me mad, because happiness, sadness, grumpiness are all real things but perfection doesn’t exist.

Well that’s what I believe.

You see, perfection is something we work towards, not something we achieve. It is a constant and ever moving goalpost and not an end point. You know the phrase ‘you change, or you die’ well that’s it, you reach a zenith then another challenge or another complication comes along and the goalposts move and you move with them. That’s true of human evolution or of business, change is not only inevitable, it’s necessary.

But welcoming this change is about knowing that the ultimate goal is and constantly working for it- and that is that definition of perfection. Not a noun, but a verb (not literally, obviously).

Many years ago I took one of my A-Levels as a modular course with separate exams. On one of them I got a B which irritated me so I paid to retake it and got a 100% and an A... my debating partner on this whole subject claimed that surely that would be perfect but I argued that no, getting that first time would have been better.

And that’s the thing, you can always find room for improvement- anything you do should be revisited and reviewed for lessons to be learned.

That right there is the definition of the newly crowned verb ‘perfectioning’, I’m making it a thing, don’t try and stop me.