Sports Puns and Skills Sets...

When I first started up Spinning Plates it was because I wanted to help people. I knew what it felt like to be overwhelmed and out of control, I knew what it felt like to never feel on top of things.

When I set out my service offering it was very much about administrative services and some ‘life support’. I modelled it on the idea of an old school 50s secretary- there for any tasks needed and with the sole purpose of making life easier (yes I got the entendre, I’m just not saying it for once).

For the first few years this worked, I consciously avoided my previous experiences in marketing and branding and I was happy with that.

However, I’m my own worst enemy, as I got to know my clients and became invested in their businesses I couldn’t help noticing things that could be done, marketing ideas that were being missed, points where branding should be strengthened.

In short, my old skill set didn’t want to stay buried... and I actually enjoyed it. I loved my corporate career, I love marketing and branding, design and packaging. But I also love admin and helping people... good news is that the two are not mutually exclusive. I work best with small businesses or entrepreneurs where I can get involved, although me to get to know you and your business and I will look for ways to help, to improve, to save money, to streamline processes... it’s just the way I am.

And I’m very proud to say that I use all of my skill sets to do that.

You may not know I also wrote poetry and at the moment I’m writing sports based puns about sorting out your balls... and that one’s not even a slightly subtle entendre. See, I really do use all of my skills!