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As a small business owner who wears several hats, constantly switching from one to the others, I finally conceded defeat and considered a virtual PA. I don’t have enough time to give to a full-time PA, so after Danielle was recommended to me by another client, a quick chat made me realise that the things that grind me down, e.g. bookkeeping and market research, are things I can and should relinquish control of.

Danielle has taken these two tasks from me, lightening my workload considerably and freeing my mind to concentrate on client management, raising invoices and strategic planning. Thank you Danielle, you have made a big impact on my working day; I would recommend you to anyone in a similar situation.
— Simon Pryce, Skylight Media
An angel sent from Heaven!
That’s a great description for Danielle from Spinning plates.

We clicked on our first meeting and I have never looked back!
Organised, self-motivated and professional are just three words that immediately come to mind when I think about Danielle.

My business would not be where it is today without the services from Spinning Plates!
— Sue, Miss Teddy Ltd
As Director of Lamplight IT Services, I’ve have utilised the Spinning Plates service for two years to manage my back-office financial, travel and web services.
Working with Danielle, I have always found the service efficient, timely and responsible and highly recommend the Spinning Plates’ service.
— Director, Lamplight IT
Danielle has been working with me in my business for over a year. I don’t know how I would manage without her. I appreciate her common sense and attention to detail. No job is too big or too small and it is all done with kindness and humour
— Amanda Harris, ALH Legal
Having Danielle help me with setting up an accounts spreadsheet to help me keep my home and rental property budgets in order was a great experience. I had never worked with a personal assistant before and the benefit of having Danielle by my side guiding me through my budget was fantastic. She kept me on target ( I have a tendency to drift when dealing with accounts) until we finished the task. Danielle was methodical, thorough, encouraging and funny. She gave great advice where I could budget and save money. She sent through my completed accounts spreadsheets so I can keep up-to-date with my accounts and budgeting. She even added budgeting advice which I have followed. Thank you Danielle, you are a star.
— Donna, Southwell
Danielle is our Business Development Manager and Marketing Coordinator for The Slimtini Weekender. Danielle is a fantastic asset to the team with her valuable insights and experience gained from other sectors. Danielle doesn’t just help you with ideas she will go away and work 24/7 to suggest alternative methods to achieve your goals. I can’t recommend Danielle enough, you will definitely get a 5 star service with her and expect a fantastic personality and attitude to go with it!
— Paige Davis, Slimtini Weekender
Spinning Plates PA Service has been aGodsend. I hired Danielle/Spinning Plates late last year to help get my ever growing business organized, as well as market research for various things. I run a dance school, with holiday clubs and parties too so as you can imagine the paper work is endless. Danielle spent her time fixing me up a neat spread sheet and mailshot account, which has made my life and time in the business a whole lot more efficient. This is something I had been meaning to get round to for ages, in fact it was on the weekly to do list for about 2 years! The relief of handing this over was massive, giving me more chance to focus on other areas of my business. This was all completed really quickly. She has also provided such strong links and research into my premises searching thatIi can not fault her. It may seem like a pricey thing to take on but when you need the help it is vital, Danielle has a mass of contacts and knowledge in her field that the cost is not worth debating. Well worth it and I will be using her services for the foreseeable future, I really rate her work and what she has done for me.
— Charlotte Stripling, Simply Dance
I have been working with Danielle for a few months now on a fixed weekly retainer. The great thing about this is that I know what I’m spending each week and I can offload a large part of my weekly to do list with the confidence that it will get done quickly, efficiently and with plenty of communication. Danielle has willingly carried out each task and her dedication to achieving results is second to none, the saving in my time alone is around 30% which really adds to my own productivity. I really cannot tell you how much my life has changed since I engaged Danielle and I wouldn’t look back now!
— Kelly Taylor, Taylor's Cottages
Danielle is my ‘Organised Angel with personality’! I run 3 very demanding businesses and at one stage felt very overwhelmed. I met Danielle for a coffee and by the time I had finished my compulsory slab of cake, she had already sorted out one area of my business life that was causing me concern. By the time I sat down at the end of a long day at home, she had e-mailed me the completed business document we had only discussed that afternoon. That is service for you! In a life where I have so many idea’s to move my businesses forward, I find it essential to have Danielle help me follow through the process to the end result (sometimes us creative types don’t always manage that). I have since dropped many other pieces of last minute work onto her very capable lap and have NEVER been disappointed with the outcome. It is also refreshing to speak to someone equally creative and business minded who will suggest alternative methods and plans to make my life easier and business more profitable. She has been my little secret up until now, but it is time to share the Spinning Plates magic with all those other ‘busy’ people! Thank you so much Danielle.
— Andrea Wilde, Wilde about Tan
I’ve been using Danielle’s PA services for a few months now. I usually manage my own telephone enquiries and emails, but of late this has been getting increasingly more difficult due to the level of demand for my treatments. I run an extremely busy Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Digestive Health and Gut Disorders Clinic in Nottingham, and I was finding that I had to catch up with my phone calls and emails late in the evening. Not ideal, as I do like people to get acknowledgement of an enquiry as soon as possible. Danielle is great. I email her my enquiries and she telephones them on my behalf. It has made life much easier for me, knowing that someone professional and efficient is dealing with these enquiries. Danielle also wrote me a poem. This is going to appear in my e-book. It’s a great poem, but you’re going to have to wait until my e-book is published before you can read the it. Danielle has many strings to her bow, and I’m delighted to have met her through the Aspiring Business Women group.
— Linda Booth, Nottingham Colonic & Hydrotherapy Clinic
I am so glad that I took the plunge and contacted Danielle. I’d been procrastinating for while but now I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Danielle insisted on meeting me face to face which demonstrated to me that she cared and during this meeting I hardly seemed to start a sentence and she knew exactly what I was looking for! Now that I have Danielle to deal with all the stuff that I avoided, I can get on with the stuff I’m good at! I feel so much more relaxed about my business its the best investment I ever made! Plus she’s quite honest and frank and that’s exactly what I need!
— Misia Smith, Soothe Therapy
Danielle came into my life out of chance and I am so glad she did. I run 3 businesses and she came along and made sense of them all and how I need to ‘finish’ each business off as they were ‘gaps’ with how I had conducted my businesses. She is very calm and sees the overall picture very clearly. Her business knowledge is simply embedded within her and she seems to have a resolution to every problem I faced. Danielle will remain working closely with me and she is just the ‘breath of fresh air’ I needed to help manage my businesses as well as take off massive pressure I was feeling. I cannot thank her kind nature and business knowledge enough as I now feel I can go further, faster! Thank you Danielle
— Amy Topham, From the Heart Fashion & Photography
I think [Danielle] is the most efficient person I’ve ever met!
— Nickie Elenor, Your HR Lawyer
Danielle sorted out my media contact database. I had been gathering contacts for years while working as a freelancer in marketing but couldn’t seem to find the time while juggling projects and clients to consolidate everything into a useful database. She listened to exactly what I wanted and delivered. Quick, easy, painless and a job ticked off the list! Thank you
— Nicky Smith, Lift Creative Services