Priorities, Pillow Talk and Picking up where I left off...

I couldn’t sleep last night. Took me ages to drift off and then was awake for 4am. I then worked for two hours and went back to bed at 6 where I had a hideous nightmare (rhinos chasing me and no parking spaces, not even got time to analyse that one).

I think the reason is that I was stressed about my massive list- up to 3 pages (nearly typed) and no idea where to start. I’m working through it now but it made me realise that I’ve been feeling out of control since December. I even wrote a blog about it, then was so busy I forgot to post it!! I’ve pasted it below (so lucky you, two blogs for the price of one).

There are loads of different ways to prioritise a list. One friend puts a monetary value to each item; I know some people do it on a FIFI (first in, first out) basis and some on which they enjoy doing (try not to do this by the way, it leads to so much stuff you’ll have put off). I have one friend who categorises all tasks (as frogs, urgently and quick wins) and then does a couple of urgents, a frog and rewards with some quick wins.

Everyone’s different, I’d be interested to know if anyone else has a clever way of doing it?

Anyway, here’s the missing blog and I’m off to get back to my list.

It’s the season to... forget what the heck you’re doing

Generally I’m a well organised person. When it comes to my clients I’m kind of paid to be well organised- although I’m only human so mistakes do happen. However, despite 11 months of successful self planning and managing to run my own life it all goes to pot in December.

As much as I’d like it to be due to a head full of snowflakes and sugarplum fairies the simple truth is it’s more because I have too much on. Obviously there’s clients (but you’d expect that), personal stuff, school stuff, then there’s present buying, card writing, nativity/carol convert/orchestra performances to attend, Christmas parties and the requisite hangovers... then the first world crisis of trying to fit all my beauty appointments in at the busiest time of the year. It’s hardly my fault that my hair dresser can only see at exactly the same time I should be picking the kids up from school!

Needless to say I find December stressful. A few years ago when I had more time I made Christmas Day place name holders from sawn up logs fashioned into cheery snowmen... this year you can sit wherever you want! It’s the 6th and I’ve not written any Christmas cards although they e started arriving! And I have 5 Christmas parties and I honestly promise you I have nothing to wear.

Oh well, it’s nearly Christmas and I’m wearing sparkly mini mouse ears and an alternative Christmas jumper. It’ll sort itself out I’m sure. Now, is it too early to get some festive cheer?