When is too much too much? Fighting or Flighting...

When you start a business when on your main focusses is making money through getting customers or getting clients. There’s a time at the start when you’re too scared to say no to anyone because you need the money and because you’re scared there won’t be another one.

The longer you work at what you do, the more confident you become and the more you realise that liking the people you work for is important. Stress is very much the reserve of working for someone else for me because working for myself gives me the choice about what I do and don’t want to put up with.

For me that means that if I come across potential clients who I don’t gel with or whom I genuinely feel, despite great intentions, cannot be changed or helped to become more organised then I can chose not to work with them.

However, that has another side to it as well. It might mean that you end up listening to your flight reflex and give up when things seem a bit too difficult. I’ve found over the last few years doing this that it’s important to recognise the difference.

You see, facing a challenge or facing unnecessary stress are not the same thing. You shouldn’t have to do something that makes you unhappy or puts you in a position where you dread getting out of bed. But a challenge is great- it stretches your mind, gets your adrenaline going and is generally good for you... within reason of course!

So my tip would be to not make snap decisions, sleep on a choice if you’re unsure and make sure you make the right choice between flight or fight.